Wedding Wednesday // How to Plan Your Rehearsal Dinner

When I first started this blog I knew I wanted to share with y’all details of our special day and a little sneak peak into our love story. If you pop on over here you’ll see a collection of the posts I have already published.


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Today I want to share with you about our rehearsal dinner. The only photos I have from the day are super blurry, so alas you’ll just have to visualize with me. I wore a white dress with rose gold gold floral high heels and pretty sparkly rose gold jewelry. I originally had  pretty pink dress picked out to wear, but last minute I changed my mind when I remembered I only got to be a bride once and I really should we white. I am really glad I had that change of heart, because I felt like a beautiful bride-to-be all night.

The whole evening was simple which is exactly what I wanted. We started at the parish, Saint Mary Catholic Church in Hudson. The wedding planner was a familiar face from the parish. She was organized and friendly, which helped set a peaceful and stress free tone. We had turned in paperwork with all of the details about our wedding a few weeks before so she knew who was walking in with who and in what order. She knew what songs would be playing when and even the age of our little flower girl. It was helpful to have her so informed, which really helped the our parents, our bridal party, and our lectors remain at ease. Our priest was also super casual, relaxed, and funny which made the atmosphere happy and inviting for our family and friends. It was a pretty quick rehearsal, then it was time for dinner.

We decided to host the dinner at our favorite restaurant, Winking Lizard. It is a really casual place with multiple locations in Northeast Ohio. We have been on dozens of dates there and it holds a special place in our hearts.We chose the menu with Steven’s parents a few months before hand and reserved a special room at the Peninsula location where we had our own bartender and space to spread out.

When we arrived, we had time for mingling and chit-chatting before dinner was ready to be served. Steven and I quickly ate (good practice for the next day ;)) and went around to thank each person for being there for us. Afterwards we handed out our bridal party gifts and received a lot of tears and joy! It was a happy moment for us to share with our friends.

My advice for brides-to-be would be this: each moment of your wedding and rehearsal should be a reflection of you and your love for each other. Host the dinner in a place that is special to you, or that you can make special with decor. If you are unable to do so, remember that your loved ones are there – especially your soon to be husband – and ultimately, that is what is most important.

What do you remember from your rehearsal dinner? What advice do you have to share?

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Wedding Wednesday // Bachelorette Party

Hip, hip hooray! It’s time for Wedding Wednesday.

Bach Party

Today I am linking up with Messy Marriage, To Love, Honor and Vacuum, and To Travel and Beyond to talk about my awesome bachelorette party.

During our brainstorming sessions, my maid of honor and I talked about all sorts of ideas. We talked about heading to a dueling piano bar or possibly attending a wine and canvas event. We spent time on Pinterest and searching the web for ideas. Ultimately, though, my maid of honor came up with the theme…

Love is an adventure!

Seriously, how FUN is that theme? I have a huge adventurous spirit and loved the direction the party started to go in. We decided on Go Ape! in Strongsville, Ohio. It is a high adventure course with 5 zips lines and 42 obstacles, including 2 super fun Tarzan swings and a giant spider web that you zoom into.

When we arrived, my sweet maid of honor had the cutest favor bags for everyone. She also gave each of us ladies a fun water bottle with our favor bag. The canvas style matched the great invitations she sent out. Inside each bag was chap stick, sunscreen, a no-crease stretchy hair tie, and a tea bag for afterwards. She is just the most thoughtful woman! They were a hug hit among the girls.


Seriously, how CUTE are these favor bags?

She also made me a great tank top to wear for the day. It was purple (our wedding color!) and had a glittery B on the back for Bride… or Bacher 😉 and the front said bachelorette. I put it on right away and loved wearing it throughout the day.

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