Friday Introduction

Hello, friends!

On Instagram there is this wonderful thing that happens on Friday’s called Frday Introductions. If you’re on Instagram all the time like I am, I am sure you are familiar.

So let me just introduce myself to you y’all!


I am Mary. I am a daughter, a sister, a brand new wife, and a youth/young adult minister. I always have the travel bug, adore green tea frappuccinos, am a big fan of the Jesuits, and admire Dorothy Day. I recently began this blog as a continuation of my beloved Tumblr which has been my place on the internet for lovely pictures and inspiring quotes since 2009. It is my safe place. This blog exists to get me out of my comfort zone.

I studied Theology and Religious Studies for my undergraduate degree at John Carroll University. After graduation I participated in the most amazing two year internship program, the Young Adult Leader Initiative with the Catholic Extension Society. During my two year program I studied at Fordham University to earn my masters degree in Religious Education. The program covered 100 percent the cost of tuition. #blessed does not even begin to describe. My courses were online during the academic year and on-campus (yes, in NYC!) during the summertime. I worked as a Catholic Campus Ministry Intern at Radford University in Southwest, Virginia where I fell in love with the slower pace of life, sweet tea, Mama Karen’s homemade rolls, my college students, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. I also taught Religion classes at the sweetest school, Saint John Neumann Academy, in Blacksburg, Virginia.

During those years I dated my lovely new husband long distance and was so happy to be closer to him when my internship ended. I accepted my position as a youth and young adult minister back in my home state of Ohio, moved home, and shortly after Steven proposed! We were wed on September 19th, 2015 so the adventure is just beginning. I’ll introduce you to him soon, I promise 😉

I know some of these Friday Introductions include a question so I’m going to close with one.

Q. Where have you seen God’s grace lately?

A. Steven and I made the decision to wait to live together until marriage, which you can read about here where I wrote a post titled “Self Control is More Important than Saving Rent” for Blessed is She. Marriage is full of God’s grace, but I have especially felt His presence as we have hung pictures, labored over a bedroom curtain decision, and bought our first piece of furniture as a married couple. Each experience, even the tiny ones, we have made together as one. I love our tiny, cozy apartment, because it is filled with God’s grace and protection.

I’d love to know your answers so introduce yourself and leave me a comment.

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