Month to Month

Our sweet son, Kolbe Ignatius, was born on October 29, 2016. Let me share a few of our favorite moments from the past six months.

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Month 1: 

Kolbe began to coo, squeek, and loved cuddling with mama. He loved staring at the Christmas lights and eating. He yawned really big, but slept very little.

Month 2: 

This month Kolbe started to smile. He slept longer stretches, and he started to recognize his mama and daddy. He did not have any baby rolls, but we were hopeful that maybe one day he would.

Month 3: 

Kolbe started daycare during month three, because this mama head to head back to work. He did great! We celebrated his first new year and he was sleeping through the night on a regular basis. He also came down with his first ear infection, which was heartbreaking for us, but he fought it off like a champ.

Month 4:

During month four, Kolbe started clapping his feet together and it was so fun to watch him learn about his body. He loved doing baby crunches, rolling from his belly-back and his back-belly, and of course he still loved eating.

Month 5:

Month five was a fun one! He loved grabbing his toes, rolling over, and playing with his Chews Life rosary. He started smiling with daddy picked him up from daycare and he was getting close to doubling his birth weight.

Month 6: 

What a month this was! Kolbe learned to crawl, sit up, and he got his first two teeth. We celebrated Easter, tried the swing for the first time, and he ate his first few solid foods.


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