Month to Month

Our sweet son, Kolbe Ignatius, was born on October 29, 2016. Let me share a few of our favorite moments from the past six months.

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Month 1: 

Kolbe began to coo, squeek, and loved cuddling with mama. He loved staring at the Christmas lights and eating. He yawned really big, but slept very little.

Month 2: 

This month Kolbe started to smile. He slept longer stretches, and he started to recognize his mama and daddy. He did not have any baby rolls, but we were hopeful that maybe one day he would.

Month 3: 

Kolbe started daycare during month three, because this mama head to head back to work. He did great! We celebrated his first new year and he was sleeping through the night on a regular basis. He also came down with his first ear infection, which was heartbreaking for us, but he fought it off like a champ.

Month 4:

During month four, Kolbe started clapping his feet together and it was so fun to watch him learn about his body. He loved doing baby crunches, rolling from his belly-back and his back-belly, and of course he still loved eating.

Month 5:

Month five was a fun one! He loved grabbing his toes, rolling over, and playing with his Chews Life rosary. He started smiling with daddy picked him up from daycare and he was getting close to doubling his birth weight.

Month 6: 

What a month this was! Kolbe learned to crawl, sit up, and he got his first two teeth. We celebrated Easter, tried the swing for the first time, and he ate his first few solid foods.


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Expecting Sacrifice

When we found out we were expecting our first sweet child, we were full of joy. There was very little fear; mostly excitement. Quickly we began our doctor appointments, our prayers, and towards the end of the first trimester we shared our news with friends and family. We thoroughly enjoyed each ultrasound and each time we were able to hear the heartbeat of our little one. I loved the way my skin glowed, feeling those sweet little (or sometimes strong) kicks, and buying some cute new maternity clothes.

We expected much of those joys and we accepted them with great enthusiasm and gratitude, giving much glory to God for the amazing gift we had been given.

What we did not anticipate was the sacrifices that would come along with pregnancy. I was sick, very sick. It was not the traditional morning sickness. I spent most of my days on the floor, the couch, or in the bathroom. Many people gave their suggestions of relieving morning sickness with ginger, drinking more water, or sucking on hard candies. My reality was different, though. Nothing touched this sickness. Many assured me it would get better after the first trimester. When it did not, I realized we were in this for the long haul. I was sick up until the day I gave birth. I still consider it a complete miracle that I survived pregnancy and grew a sweet 6 pound 3 oz baby boy when I was so sick. I had to be on medication throughout pregnancy and most days, not even that stayed down, but we took it day by day, trusting in the Lord to carry us through.

It was hard. It was sacrifice. It was the udder and complete meaning of true love. It was agape love. Unconditional love is always giving. It devotes total commitment and is totally selfless. That was the kind of love we had for our little one. Sweet little baby could not return any of the love I was giving, but man oh man, I was sacrificing for him.

Some women have relatively easy pregnancies. I was not one of them. Pregnancy was a tough cross for me to bear, especially while working full time. We did it, though. We carried that cross and loved our Lord. We poured ourselves into fiercely protecting our little one and boy oh boy, I am glad we did.

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… and we’re back!

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Hello my dear friends!

It has been over a year since I’ve blogged. A lot has happened during that time frame. For starters, my husband and I had the cutest baby boy. We also moved, bought a house, and now I’m in full swing of job searching to better fit the needs of our family. It has been a bit of a whirlwind year, but full of blessings.

Someone recently asked if I was going to start blogging again and my little light bulb went off and I realized, “wow, I really should!” so here we are.

I am going to spend some time discerning what I would like to write about from here on out, so stay tuned!

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