Currently Link Up // January

Bring your special someone to an unforgettable night

RESOLVING TO read the daily readings each day. I am taking time to dive into Scripture and journal the ways in which the Lord is speaking to my heart. I am thankful for the Blessed is She community for making it so easy to reflect with the word of God. Check out today’s readings here.

READING The Greatest Job on Earth by Joel Stepanek. Youth Ministry truly is the greatest job on earth (despite the long nights, occasional teenage drama, and sometimes long staff meetings) and this book describes how wonderful it is to play frisbee, eat pizza, and hang out with pretty amazing teenagers. The book also discusses the need for humility, balance, authenticity, faith, hope, love, and humor to do this job day in an day out. It includes funny stories and antidotes to keep us youth minister going. I bought it as a Christmas present to myself and thus far I am really enjoying it!

ORGANIZING our kitchen. It’s silly, but when our home is disorganized I do not sleep well at night. I think I picked up this trait from my mother! I went to the dollar store on Monday and bought a few drawer organizers and a few bins to store towels under the sink to save on drawer space. I am still brainstorming more ways to keep the kitchen organized, but I am excited with the progress made thus far! Any ideas on how to organize pots and pans are welcomed.

LOVING my Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. I won it on a blogging giveaway and I could not possibly be more in love! I find so much joy in paper planners. I even got some special stickers in the mail yesterday from Faye Creates and it was so fun placing them throughout the planner! She even included some special Valentine’s Day stickers for free- what a doll!

CRAVING more adventure! Steven and I are planning our 1 year anniversary trip to South Carolina (and maybe another place, too!) and I could not be more excited. We are also going to Washington DC this month and Philadelphia in June. My heart is ready to explore the world!

LINKING UP WITH the always lovely Anne and Jenna. Thanks again for a fun link-up!

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20 thoughts on “Currently Link Up // January

    • lovethebachers says:

      Thanks for stopping by Lindsey! I agree 100%. It’s so nice how the new year gives us that freedom to start over… it’s like spring cleaning… just a little early 😉


  1. Alexis @ Chemistry Cachet says:

    I am the same way. I cannot relax or sleep well when things are cluttered! I cant wait to minimize that more this year. I will have to check out that Blessed is She website, I love reading my devotion each day and I am doing a study guide right now that I really love. It is the best way to start the day!


    • lovethebachers says:

      How great! What daily devotional do you use/ what study guide are you working through? I’m always up for learning how others pray!


  2. Shea Sayers says:

    You’re making me want to go to the dollar store and stock up on things for organizing my house and kitchen too, I could definitely use them! I’m a paper planner lover too and I always look forward to getting a new one each January. This year I got a Day Designer for Christmas and I love it so far!


    • lovethebachers says:

      So far I am loving it! I also bought some fun stickers on Etsy, so it’s been great making it my own. I love blogging giveaways! I just won a few beautiful hand knitted ear warmer headbands this week, too! What a cool gift… especially for this Ohio girl 😉


  3. John Melone says:

    Thanks for the book reco. My daughter has decided to pursue graduate studies to become a campus minister. This will be perfect for her. Any other recos would certainly be appreciated. God Bless!


    • lovethebachers says:

      That’s awesome! I worked as a Catholic Campus Minister at Radford University in Virginia for two years before becoming a Youth Minister 🙂 Where is she studying?


      • John Melone says:

        She is currently a junior at the University of Dayton and is looking to apply for graduate programs in the next year. She is very active in campus ministry, retreat planning and is the president of the prolife organization on campus. I think Notre Dame has a grad program she is interested in.


      • lovethebachers says:

        Oh that’s wonderful. I did my undergrad at John Carroll University in Theology and Religious Studies and then my masters at Fordham University in Religious Education with a concentration in Youth and Young Adult Ministry!


  4. Anne says:

    I’m the same way – the kitchen just has to be tidy at night for things to feel right. So fun that you’re planning an anniversary trip. We’re heading to Austin for ours next month! Thanks for linking up 🙂


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